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    • Feb13Wed

      Truth & Grace Series

      February 13, 2019
      Over the next few weeks I will be preaching on a topic which all of us struggle with - balancing truth and grace. We live in a day and age when society tells us that truth is defined by each of us. Rob Renfroe in his book The Trouble with the Truth writes:
      "As we make our way into the 21st century, scientific and technological advancements are taking place at an incredible rate. As a race, we are rightfully proud and amazed at our progress in understanding the physical universe that is our home. But in terms of understanding the truth about ourselves, we in the West have never been as confused as we are now. When we try to answer many of life's most important questions - questions such as what makes us human, what defines a life well lived, are there moral truths that apply to all of us and, if so, what are they - there is no consensus whatsoever."
      So as we look into God's Word and hold forth that truth, how do we show grace to a world who does not see things the way we see them. It will be a challenging journey and I hope and pray we will learn how to balance these two things, truth and grace, better. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings.
         Dr. "T"