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    • Mar21Thu

      Spiritual Dryness

      March 21, 2019
      "Spiritual Dryness  In 1986 two brothers who live in a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee made an incredible discovery. As these two Israeli fishermen monitored their equipment on the beaches of Gennesaret, they noticed something they'd not seen before. Something covered with mud glistened in the sun. Upon examination, archaeologists determined that what the brothers had discovered was a fishing boat dating from the time of Jesus.
      The only reason the artifact was discovered was because of a three-year drought, resulting in unusually low water in the lake.
      The Bible tells us that in times of spiritual dryness, God may uncover something of fabulous value within - his presence (2 Cor. 4:7-18)."  (taken from 101 Quotes, illustrations, and Humorous stories)
      I expect many of us can relate to this illustration. I certainly have had my share of spiritual dry times. Haven't you?
      There are many reasons I believe for spiritual dryness - burden of life; sin; physical, mental or emotional pain; tragedies; discouragement and so on.
      Are there simple solutions?
      I haven't found any. There are some keys though which have helped me.
      1. Keep reading His Word even when we think we are not getting much from it. The Holy Spirit will continue to cleanse us as we read.
      2. Go away on a spiritual retreat. That may mean 3 hours, 2 days, or a whole week. Whatever works for your schedule. During that retreat, pray, sit quiet before God, listen to His Spirit speak to you.
      3. Spend more time with Christian friends. God put us in community. God's purpose for His people is koinonia, which involves fellowship, encouragement, and true relationships.
      4. Share your heart, your struggles, your dryness with a trusted Christian friend. Be open with your feelings.
      5. Ride it out! Spiritual dryness may last for a little while or a long time. It varies and we need to be patient and just keep moving.
      So, as I said earlier - no easy solutions. Hang in there, be faithful, stay the course. God is still there, He hasn't moved - let's draw closer to Him!
      Dr. "T"