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    • Oct8Tue

      Thankful in Everything

      October 8, 2019
      Thankful in Everything
      Spiritual Exercise - Thanksgiving
      Psalm 136 (NIV)
      Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
      His love endures forever.
      Give thanks to the God of gods.
      His love endures forever.
      Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
      His love endures forever...
      26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.
      His love endures forever.
      Psalm 136: 1-3;26
      1. Listen to the portion of Psalm 136 as you read aloud.
      2. Read it silently to yourself
      3. Take a moment to silently reflect on God's goodness to you and three things that you are thankful to God.
      4. Silently pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the three things that you noted.
      Join us this Sunday for our Thanksgiving Service @ 10am as we once again thank God for His salvation and goodness in our own lives!