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    • Aug1Thu

      Human Resources are Key!

      August 1, 2019

      When I did my doctoral project I focused on the 8 components in every church: worship, instruction, fellowship, expression, communication, finances, human resources and buildings.

      Human resources are key!  Both paid staff and volunteers are vital to every church.  We are blessed here at HLBC.  I realize this year is a time of transition.  Sue Gumbley has retired, but Melissa Burritt is doing a wonderful job filling in for the summer.  I am retiring as of Sept 8th but God has led us to Pastor Wayne and he, Jennifer & the girls are excited about starting on Sept 3rd.

      Pastor Mario is enjoying a bit of vacation this week but the summer students are doing a great job and I had the privilege of supervising them a little – what a group of potential leaders.  When you see Maeva, Dylan, Rishona & Ramon … thank them for helping out this summer.

      And then we have all the volunteers.  People like June who did some weeding this week.  Ron Farrell who faithfully mows the lawns here.  Tellers, greeters, ushers, sound people, worship people, nursery workers, and so many more.  We just couldn’t do it without all of you.

      I also praise God for people like John Christian, our custodian; Hannah Jaikumar, our Church Family Life Coordinator; Ashton Frohn, our Youth Coordinator & Lois Hardy, our new treasurer.

      The list could go on but this is a sampling of our Human Resources and how each of you are important to the Lord & to the ministry here at HLBC.  Blessings on you all.

      Dr. “T”