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    • Jul4Thu

      God's Goodness

      July 4, 2019

      Our guest speaker at this year’s assembly (our Baptist convention) which met June 13-15, was Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah. He focused on the connection between lament and justice. And in one of his talks he referenced Psalm 78. I re-read this great psalm and was touched again by the first 8 verses. The Psalmist is reminding the people of Israel to not forgot their past and make sure history is not repeated.

      As Christians we are well aware that in the past the church has not always had the best reputation. We have not always treated people with love & dignity. We have not always been obedient to God’s call. The Israelites were sometimes called “a stubborn and rebellious generation” (vs 8) and that could sometimes describe us.

      Therefore the Psalmist says “…tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power & the wonders He has done.” (vs 4) Tell the next generation…as Dr. Rah pointed out we need to pour into the next generation. That is a great reminder to me and hopefully to you. Who are you mentoring? Who are you pouring into?

      I love what Pastor Mario is doing with our 4 summer students – pouring his life experiences into them. I love what Mark Eggengoor is doing in his ministry with Youth Unlimited – pouring into marginalized young people. (Talk to Mark if you want to learn more about his ministry). I love what out Sunday School teachers do all year – pouring into our children’s lives.

      Psalm 78 is a great reminder to all of us. Let’s tell the next generation about God’s goodness. Let’s make sure our young people are loved, cared for, and learn about our great God. So look around. Ask God whom you can mentor, whom you can pour into. And use this summer season to impact someone from the “next generation.”

      Dr. “T”