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    This newsletter will include the weekly blog from the pastor,  upcoming events  and requests that we are joining together in prayer for.

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    • Thank you for your prayers. I am writing to ask that you continue to pray for our doctors and nurses, cooks and housekeepers, and all those who are working in the healthcare system as we face this crisis. In addition to prayers, I have seen that the healthcare workers are really touched and appreciative when they receive messages of love and thanks and support. They get tired and frightened too, but they keep coming to work. I'm sure every one of us knows someone who's working in the healthcare system. It makes a big difference when someone says "thank you". I'm hoping that you can reach out to those members of our faith community who are online - hopefully staying home and staying safe - and ask them to write a card or send an e-card, or messages of thanks posted on YouTube or in emails to me at the hospital. I'm going to print out messages received and start a poster board in the main hallway of messages of love from Brampton.
      Thanks, and may the grace and peace of Christ keep you all safe, 
      Sula Kosacky
      William Osler Spiritual Health team