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    • Jul27Thu

      Good News Remains Timeless

      July 27, 2017 Pastor Terry
      I like new stuff at times.  The smell of a new care is awesome.  New shirts are nice to get.  Getting a new computer can be both nice and frustrating.  Recently I got a new Bible.  My NIV 1996 edition was due for an upgrade.  So my new NIV 2011 edition has some slight changes making it more gender neutral and sharpening a few words here and there.  The problem is finding specific verses where as I could so easily find them in my old Bible.   I know, I just need to be patient and in time I will find my way around more easily.
      Jesus had an interesting statement on new and old in Matthew 9:17 "No one puts new wine into old wineskins."(NLT)  Jesus was well aware that He came to people in His time with new ideas and a new conception of the truth and He was aware how difficult it is to get a new idea into people's minds.  So He uses a picture which any Jew would understand.  "In those days, wine was stored in skins and not in bottles.  When new wine was put into a skin, the wine was still fermenting.  The gases which it gave off exerted pressure on the skin.   In a new skin there was a certain elasticity and no harm was done because the skin gave with the pressure.  But an old skin had grown hard and had lost all its elasticity and, if new and fermenting wine was put into it, it could not give to the pressure of the gases; it could only burst." (p.391 of Barclay's commentary)
      Very often in a church, if a new idea or a new method or any change is suggested, we often hear those 7 dreaded words "We never did it that way before."  I am convinced our message must remain the same but our methods must change.   The Gospel, the Good News remains timeless but how we "do" church, how we present this message cannot remain stagnant.  To reach the present generation we need to be creative and be willing to try new ideas. 
      We have now celebrated our 1st year anniversary here at HLBC and you have been most kind and open to new ideas.  The next 12 months will see us looking at other "new" ideas so stay tuned as God continues to move in our midst.
      I will be away for 3 weeks but I know the leadership will look after things well and I appreciate all your prayers as we vacation (and work a little) out west.

      Dr. T.