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    • May3Wed

      Learning From Mistakes

      May 3, 2017 Pastor Terry
      Baseball season is underway and for those of us who cheer for our Canadian baseball team, the Jays, it has been a disappointing start to the season. Mistakes are hurting the team, poor pitching, poor hitting, and poor fielding. But like the life, baseball is filled with lots of mistakes.

      The challenge is to learn from those mistakes and improve as we move forward.
       Earl Weaver, a former baseball manager of the Baltimore Orioles once said: "Managers are always learning, and mostly from our mistakes. That's why I keep a list of my mistakes at home for reference. I used to carry the list around in my pants pocket, but I finally had to stop. It gave me a limp."

      In our spiritual journey with Jesus, we too make loads of mistakes. I mess up regularly. That is why 1 John 1:9 is one of my favorite verses-I need to quote it daily. I need to follow it daily. Confessing my sins daily and getting back on track with God. I so love the song "Amazing Grace" because it reminds me of God's grace offered daily to me as I make mistakes.

      However, we need to not just seek forgiveness and God's grace but we need to, with God's help, keep moving in a direction of becoming more like Christ-learning from our mistakes.

      This journey called the Christian walk is not easy, we must discipline ourselves and focus on Jesus every day. Will we mess up? Yes, but let's learn from those mistakes and allow His Holy Spirit to have more and more control of our lives.

      Will the Jays be able to rebound from their horrible start? Time will tell. But I image both manager and players are learning from their mistakes. Go Jays go! But more importantly may we learn from our mistakes and grow closer to the Master.


      Dr. "T"