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    • Jul4Tue

      Be Still

      July 4, 2017 Pastor Terry
      Summer is here! Hopefully a slower pace of life for many. A time to take some vacation. A time to rest. A time to reconnect with family and friends. A time to enjoy this beautiful world we live in.

      I have been re-reading Mark Buchanan's excellent book entitled Spiritual Rhythm: being with Jesus every season of your soul, and he has some super thoughts.

      Here are a few:

      • "In our busyness, we often miss God: the whirlwind of our doing becomes a smoke screen for evasion."
      • "Summer is a time for enjoying God and others, without reserve and without apology."
      • "So, in the summer of the heart, when God seems more visible and available, learn the rhythm, the action and inaction, that avails you most of His presence."
      You may want to get a copy of this book and read what else Mark Buchanan has to say about summer. That may be something you want to do this summer- read more.
      Find a time to practice a new spiritual discipline. Get together with some friends and discuss Buchanan's book. Plan deliberate time away with family. Get outdoors more-walking, hiking, going to the beach.

      Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Take advantage of it and in the process draw closer to God.
      "Be still and know that I am God"
       (Psalm 46:10a)


      Dr. "T"