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    • Jan24Wed

      Be Still In The Lord

      January 24, 2018 Pastor Terry

      "Most of us feel utterly ransacked. We are waylaid by endless demands and stifling routines. Even our vacations have a panicky, task-like edge to them. "If I only had more time, is the mantra of our age."

      Can you relate to this? The culture of busyness is affecting most of us. How do we slow down? How do we bring a better balance into our lives? What a challenge!

      Brenda and I have just returned from a wonderful 2 week vacation in the sunny south. We did a lot of resting-we were tired out. It was good to unplug and spend quality time together. Now, the challenge is to set a better pace of life now that we are back.

      Psalm 37:7 is a great reminder " Be still before the Lord and  wait patiently for Him...." May that be our goal in 2018. By the way, that first paragraph is from the introduction of Mark Buchanan's excellent book THE REST OF GOD: Restoring your soul by restoring Sabbath. It's a most helpful read.

      So, it is good to be back and I believe the Lord has great things in store for us as a church but let's rest in God and pace ourselves so that we can be used mightily by Him.


      Dr. "T"