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    • Mar21Thu

      Spiritual Dryness

      March 21, 2019
      "Spiritual Dryness   In 1986 two brothers who live in a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee made an incredible discovery. As these two Israeli fishermen monitored their equipment on the beaches of Gennesaret, they noticed something they'd not seen before. Something covered with mud glistened in the sun. Upon examination, archaeologists...
    • Mar14Thu

      Rising Angels

      Rising Angels - Divine Church March 14, 2019
      Rising Angels  is one of the ministries we support. 
      Quoting from their website
      "Rising Angels is a program of awareness, education and assistance undertaken by Katarina MacLeod. Objective: To assist women who want the leave the Sex Trade, and prevent the vulnerable from getting involved."
      Kat is a member of HLBC and a number of people...
    • Mar3Sun

      Thinking About TIME

      March 3, 2019
      Technology today really is amazing. An e-mail just came in on my phone giving me my Google Maps Timeline. Wherever my phone goes it keeps track of a number of things for me. For the month of February it told me I visited 4 cities, I visited 21 places and I spent 46 hours in my car.
      It got me thinking about TIME.  How about this...
    • Feb22Fri

      International Sunday

      February 22, 2019
      This Sunday (Feb. 24 th ) we will celebrate our 3 rd Annual International Sunday. I call this "Diversity of Culture....Oneness in Christ. " We encourage folk to wear your traditional outfits and we will enjoy a morning of worship and celebration. Then in the evening bring a favorite dish from your country and come for a delicious potluck...
    • Feb13Wed

      Truth & Grace Series

      February 13, 2019
      Over the next few weeks I will be preaching on a topic which all of us struggle with - balancing truth and grace. We live in a day and age when society tells us that truth is defined by each of us. Rob Renfroe in his book The Trouble with the Truth writes:
      "As we make our way into the 21 st century, scientific and technological advancements are...
    • Jun26Tue

      Canada's Day!

      June 26, 2018

      Happy Birthday Canada!

      How often do you pause and give thanks for the great country of ours?